Bonmann, previously MW Lighting, was established in 2004 by a team of passionate people who believed in commercializing solar energy and LED lighting solution in global market. We wanted to develop and manufacture personal energy solutions for the rural household and street that had no connection to electricity grids. We started out slow, but quickly grew into the needs of the developing market. Target the people living at bottom of pyramid is our main pursuit.

Today Bonmann has well established factory in China, where we produce a wide range of very innovative personal energy solutions and supply to worldwide distributors.

In late 2017 Bonmann started a re-organization process and we are today, even more than ever, determined to succeed in bringing personal energy to every home on the planet.

All Bonmann products are developed by a team of highly professional, creative and passionate engineers based in China who has global access to different feedback of market. Bonmann products are sold worldwide, with an emphasis on countries with poor electrical infrastructure where the needs of electrical lighting are high. Bonmannis presently expanding its sales around the world and we welcome everybody to join building our sales network.

Our product line is designed closely to daily life and how the solution can benefit the people , includes affordable solar lighting kits, 12V DC lights, solar street light, solar mosquito killer, etc.

At Bonmann we are always striving at developing new, fun and innovative products, that will help our customers gain energy independence and become energy literate at the same time.










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